Fall Bulbs

Fall bulbs are planted in the fall / autumn and will grow in the springtime. When tree limbs are bare of leaves, and the sun can make its way to the ground, there should be no problem growing beautiful flowers from bulbs in shady parts of the garden in the spring.

You must take into account the amount of sun your area provides through the day, some do require full sun all day whereas others do not.

When planting these bulbs, make sure you plant them to the depth according to the instructions on the packet. Give them good quality soil and some bone meal.

One of the most exciting moments for a gardener in the spring is to see the first bulb plants bursting through the soil. It is well worth the work you put in the autumn to prepare your garden ready for spring.

So don't forget to plant your bulbs in the fall! For the best results, they need to be planted in the autumn to benefit from the natural cold spell during winter, and will then produce much better flowering plants during spring.