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Winterizing Perennials

A step by step guide to winterizing perennials, preparing perennials for winter, and protecting perennials in winter from frost and snow

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How to Make Mulch - Make Your Own Mulch - Best Mulches

Learn how to make mulch with organic materials from your garden and home for the best mulch. Wood landscape mulch, wood chip mulch, and leaves mulch

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Deadheading Perennials - Prolong the Flowering Period by Dead Heading

Deadheading perennials allows plants to produce even more flowers and provides a longer flowering period. Dead heading is part of gardening maintenance, learn methods and tips for different types of flowers...

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Lungwort Plant Pulmonaria - Growing, Planting, Soil, and Propagation

Lungwort plant, Bethlehem Sage or Jerusalem Sage, is an early perennial with heart-shaped leaves and beautiful patterns speckled white and green

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Lenten Rose Plant Guide and Pictures

Lenten Rose plant, also known as Christmas Rose, is a Hellebore. Lenten Rose flowers around the Lenten season, there are about fifteen varieties of Hellebore

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Heuchera Varieties

Many of Coral Bells Heuchera varieties including Palace Purple Heuchera, Heuchera Maxima, Heuchera Encore, Heuchera Velvet Night

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Heuchera Plant - Growing, Planting, Seeds, Care

Heuchera plants, Coral Bells, have low growing colorful evergreen foliage and spikes of flowers to 2ft. tall

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Foxglove Plant and Foxglove Flowers Guide

Foxglove plant is also called digitalis and is both perennial and bi-annual. How to plant and care for Foxgloves in your gardening

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Shade Garden Plants for Gardens with Shade

Shade garden plants, flowers, and shrubs for growing in shady types of gardens. Get ideas for gardening with shade plants

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Garden Mulches - Organic, Inorganic, Mulch Techniques

Mulches in gardening or agriculture. Mulching protects soil, suppresses weeds, retains soil moisture and temperature, provides nutrients, and reduces soil erosion

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