Shade Gardening Blog

Bulbs for Shade Garden Areas

Bulbs for shade elevate shaded garden areas with color. Shade bulbs to plant, planting bulbs, how and when to plant shade loving bulbs

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Shade Garden Plants for Gardens with Shade

Shade garden plants, flowers, and shrubs for growing in shady types of gardens. Get ideas for gardening with shade plants

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Heuchera Plant - Growing, Planting, Seeds, Care

Heuchera plants, Coral Bells, have low growing colorful evergreen foliage and spikes of flowers to 2ft. tall

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Lenten Rose Plant Guide and Pictures

Lenten Rose plant, also known as Christmas Rose, is a Hellebore. Lenten Rose flowers around the Lenten season, there are about fifteen varieties of Hellebore

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Types of Shade in the Garden Landscape

Definitions of types of shade for plants; full shade, part shade, dense shade, dappled shade, partial shade, light shade, and full sun

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Organic Gardening - Beginner to Experienced

Organic gardening without using chemicals and insecticides has health and environmental benefits. Learn organic ways to garden

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Blue Lobelia Plant - Herbaceous Perennial

Great Blue Lobelia has deep blue flowers. Growing Lobelia, planting and care, propagation, Lobelia seeds, shade, and soil.

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Beneficial Insects are Good for Gardens

Find out what plants beneficial insects like, how to attract insects that benefit gardens, and fight garden pests and unwanted insects naturally

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Winterizing Perennials

A step by step guide to winterizing perennials, preparing perennials for winter, and protecting perennials in winter from frost and snow

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How to Make Mulch - Make Your Own Mulch - Best Mulches

Learn how to make mulch with organic materials from your garden and home for the best mulch. Wood landscape mulch, wood chip mulch, and leaves mulch

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