Keep Rabbits Out of Garden

How to Keep Rabbits out of Garden and Mice Too!

Animals are cute and everyone likes them, but when they destroy your garden or steal your vegetables they don’t seem so sweet anymore… do they?

Rabbit Hole in the Vegetable Garden

One of the greatest fears of gardeners is to find their flowers and vegetables gone from one day to the next.

Rodents represent the biggest threat, especially moles because they move underground and you can’t see them.

Other rodents like mice, voles, and rabbits can also make a big mess and make your hard work seem futile.

Even if these creatures seem evil sometimes, especially when they feast on your crops, you should remember that they are actually just looking for food and there are many ways to keep them away without actually harming them.

Here are some easy and effective tricks to keep your garden safe from critters.

Facts about Mice, Moles, and Voles

If you want to keep your garden safe from critters, you should get to know a few things about them and their habits so you can outsmart them!

Here are some facts about mice for instance:

  • They cannot bear high frequency noises
  • They hate used kitty litter.

There are devices emitting high frequency noises, which don’t bother human ears, but they are very annoying for critters. Apparently pets don’t seem to be bothered by these sounds.

If you sprinkle used kitty litter around the garden, it will keep mice and other rodents away for a while, but you should change it once a week.

Do you want to know more about how to get rid of mice?

Dig a trench around the garden and bury some type of fencing approximately 18 inches deep. You can use wire fencing, mesh or metal window screen.

This is especially effective against moles and voles. Moles move quite deep in the ground, so you need to make sure that the mesh is buried deep enough.

They won’t be able to get through the mesh; it will be like an underground barrier. If you find the hole of a mole, you can put kitty litter over it or human urine, that will make them go away instantly.

Your plants will be safe and the critters won’t get harmed either, they will just look for another garden.

Moles are even cheekier than mice, because many times they feast on fruits and vegetables without being noticed: they eat the part of the vegetable which is touching the ground.

If you have melons or pumpkins, then place a board under them so they are not touching the earth, and moles won’t be able to sneak up underneath them.

To Keep Rabbits Out of the Garden

To keep rabbits out of garden you can use garden fencing for rabbits.

The fence should be high enough, approx. 2 or 3 feet high, and buried 1 foot into the ground. It needs to be buried because rabbits can dig holes and get into the garden underneath the fence if it’s not buried.

Garden fencing to keep rabbits out of garden is easy to install and it also doesn’t have to be as high as the ones for deer.

Using white vinegar is another effective way to keep rabbits out of garden. They hate the smell of white vinegar, and they will avoid any places that smell of it.

Rabbits don’t like human hair either. If you have a place where you can get a lot of human hair from, or you just decided to cut all your hair, you can sprinkle that around the garden.

Gardening Pest Repellent

Rabbit, mice, and mole repellent products are currently being updated.

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