Shade Gardening

shade garden white flowers

Easy Shade Gardening is focused on helping you to turn your outdoor spaces into creative gardens.

Most gardens, yards, patios, or balconies, have some shadows cast by buildings or trees.

Shaded garden areas can be landscaped by implementing the right varieties of plants, perennial flowers, ground cover, shrubs, vines, ferns, and even trees.


There are a lot of opportunities and techniques to improve gardens with shade. For example, container gardening, perennial flowers, and rock gardens will all give you options for designing your landscape in places that are prone to shading from structures and big plants.

If you get a lot of sun or rain, create covered shelters using shade sails.

shade tree poppies

To make your garden attractive you can use:

Fall Bulbs
Container Plants
Garden Fountains
Water Falls
Solar Lighting

Plants can be used for colour and texture:

Native Plants
Ornamental Grasses
Flowering Bushes
Hosta Plants
Perennial Flowers

Advice on what you need may include: soil, peat moss, mulches, fertilizer etc.

Garden Design

Shade Plants and Flowers

Gardening ideas include; how to plan garden design, how to choose your shade plants and flowers, do things like plant fall bulbs and container plants for shade, and how to maintain your garden.

One of the first things you need to do is to determine is how much of your garden is in shadow, and how it changes over the course of the day as well as the seasons of the year, see Types of Shade.

You will also need to assess the type of soil you have on your land and whether your soil is dry or moist.