Sun Shade Perennials

Sun and shade perennials work well with your shade garden boarders. At the beginning of spring when there are no leaves on the trees, and as the trees start to leaf out, there is still plenty of sunlight for flower bulbs and perennials to get the necessary sun needed to flower.

Once the leaves have come out on the trees and there is less sunlight for plants due to the shade caused from the trees, the shade perennials will take over. Along the garden borders, where the sun meets the shade area, sun perennials will thrive and play their part in defining the garden.

It’s all about the amount of shade you have at different times of year, morning, noon, and afternoon to evening. Once you have made this assessment you will be able to decide on which plants will best suit which areas of your garden according to the hours and intensity of sun and shade.

Some plants will survive quite happily in full sun yet others will wither and die. The same goes for shade. Many shade garden plants will tolerate full shade but others will want dappled shade or at least some full sunlight at some point in the day for optimal conditions and well-being, even if it is only for a couple of hours.

Across this website the different plants have their sun or shade requirements on the page with them, along with planting, care, dividing, and container gardening methods.

Shade gardening takes a little bit of getting used to but once you’ve mastered how to choose, plant, and care for your shade perennials you’ll be able to sit in the shade of your garden on a hot summers day, admiring all your beautiful and thriving plants.

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