Hostas for Sun

Popular Hostas for Sun

It is a well-known fact that hostas are shade loving plants, but it does not mean that it is absolutely impossible to plant hostas in sunny locations.

Fortunately, there are some hostas that like the sun as well – they are quite tolerant to direct sunlight.

Most of them include species with gold foliage, but there are also other varieties (mainly hybrids) that will decorate your garden with beautiful colour shades of their leaves.

Among the most popular hostas for sun, we can distinguish the following plants:

August Moon Hosta

This variety deserves to be mentioned the first as it’s a primary choice of many gardeners who like to see hostas on sunny patches of their flower beds. As with most hostas, flowers are not the main attraction of this plant, though you might find them charming in their violet paleness. What is really precious is the cheerful greenery of its leaves that turns golden by the end of the summer season.

Gold Regal

Gold Regal is one more popular variety. It can be exposed to direct sunlight, so do not hesitate to plant these hostas in the sunny places of your garden. These plants will decorate your arrangement not only with glorious foliage, but also with a beautiful bouquet of blue flowers. Usually these hostas have their blooming period in July. Another variety, called Rascal, looks almost like Gold Regal, but with a subtle chartreuse margin.

Hosta Krossa Regal

These are hostas with bluish leaves that can grow in almost any climate. They look exceedingly beautiful, especially in summer, when their elegance is enhanced by the tall flowers.

In case you would like to add even more sophistication to a Krossa Regal’s look, it is highly recommended to choose a Regal Splendor variety. In fact it looks exactly the same, but with a golden margin. This plant will grow very fast, bringing to your garden an original combination of colours.


Francee is a hosta which has an excellent growth habit and can easily fill any areas, creating a nice ground cover or distinctive borders for your flower beds. This variety looks very neat and charming thanks to its simplicity: it has classical green foliage with white margins.

Sun Power

Sun Power’s colours, on the contrary, are rather original: at first they are something between the green and yellow shades, and later they turn into brightness of gold. The pointed leaves of this variety look exceedingly attractive during the entire season.

If you do not have experience with hostas for sun, it is advisable to consider Krossa Regal and Regal Splendor. They require only basic maintenance and can be found almost in any shop.

If you want to purchase some hostas plants and are not sure whether they are sun tolerant, remember a simple rule: hostas with golden foliage can stand the direct sunlight better than other species. It can tolerate more sun than other varieties.

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