Summer Blooming Perennials

For Blooms all Summer – Perennials!

Growing flowers in a garden is rewarding, especially if we are talking about perennial flowering plants.

Returning to bloom over and over again as years pass by, these plants provide a touch of beauty through the splashes of color and freshness.

All perennials have different flowering periods: some of them begin to flower in spring just after a winter sleep, and others bloom in fall or autumn.

There are also lots of summer blooming plants for the hottest season.

Some Summer Flowering Perennials

Blanket Flower or Gaillardia

Blanket Flower is a perfect ground cover that will make a beautiful carpet with sunny bright patches of yellow flowers. It is a hardy perennial plant which does not require any particular care and grows in soils of all the types.

It is easy to grow the Blanket Flower from seed, and there is no need to bother about replanting it: usually these plants reseed themselves.

Another advantage of this humble but beautiful flowering plant – its blooming period is very long: from the beginning of summer and all through the autumn months.

Scarlet Hedgenettle or Stachys Coccinea

You should opt for this plant is you are a hummingbird’s lover, it attracts them like anything. Perhaps Scarlet Hedgenettle is not the most wide spread perennial, but nevertheless it has very attractive flowers, small in size and bright red in colour with white throats.

These flowers cover the tall spikes of the plant, creating a very original arrangement.

The blooming period of these plants starts in the middle of July and lasts till autumn.

Columbine or Aquilegia

If you can provide rich and moist soil for this perennial in a shaded part of your garden, you will have a chance to admire its beautiful bloom all summer long.

Blue and purple flowers of Columbine will add some elegance and tender touch to flower beds.

It is another great plant for attracting hummingbirds, and also bees and butterflies.

This plant grows from seed and reseeds itself without any interference or work from you.


This perennial plant will enrich your garden not only by its showy blooms, but also by its fragrant leaves. You will enjoy seeing its big feathery spikes of flowers which come in different colors. They will bloom all through the summer months. They look best if planted in groups, preferably the plants of different species, to create an original colour combination.

Echinacea or the Purple Coneflower

One of the summer blooming perennials and a plant that has large heads of purple flowers. These days there are varieties with other colours of flowers, but the most popular is still this conventional purple.

Its flowering period starts during the second half of summer. These plants can grow quite tall, so consider their location – they do well as a background for other flowering perennials.

Summer blooming perennials are beautiful and versatile; they bring even more color to the brightness of summer and create a great visual impact in your garden.

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