Coleus Plant

Coleus plant

The Coleus plant enjoys popularity among gardeners for inclusion in their outdoor gardens and as an indoor plant.

This popularity is due to the refreshing colour of its leaves along with the wide range of varieties to choose from.

Coleus foliage varies from light yellowish, green and pink, to deep and dark red, purple and even purplish-black. You can also find chartreuse and orange Coleus varieties.

The texture of the leaves is different depending on the variety. Having a wide range of colors, Coleus adds a nice ornamental touch to the garden, especially through the periods when flowering plants are not in bloom.

If you choose to grow Coleus indoors, make sure the plant gets enough bright light.

If planted outside, depending on personal preferences of a gardener and the way the plant is grown, Coleus can resemble a tree or a compact bush.

The height of Coleus plants range from six to thirty six inches. You can place Coleus plants in a flower bed, or use to line up the borders, or they can be grown in containers. However they are grown, the fine beauty of their foliage can be enjoyed from spring right up to the autumn.

Coleus plants are cultivated all over the world, but originally it is native to Africa and the southeastern regions of Asia. This means that Coleus, in spite of being quite hardy, prefers a warmer climate.


Coleus plants require good, rich soils to demonstrate their best, but just average soil will be quite sufficient. Coleus prefers being watered regularly, and you should keep the soil moist, as the plant has a tendency to droop quickly if it gets too dry. Also, remember to fertilize the soil.

How to Grow

The plants are rather shade loving, but at the same time they need bright light. So, make sure they are in shade in the hottest part of the day, but not deprived of the sunlight completely. To encourage the growth of the leaves, it is highly recommended to cut off the flowers at regular intervals, as they are not particularly attractive.

Coleus Varieties


It is possible to grow this plant from seeds, but as with many other decorative plants, this method is not that popular.

Usually it is a longer process to grow a plant form a seed, and the final results are not very satisfactory.

What I want to say is that a new plant, grown from seed, does not always resemble the original plant.

It concerns its height and characteristics of foliage. It is preferable to grow new plants from cuttings of the original.

This method works for many plants, and the biggest advantage of it is that the new plant replicates the colors and other features of the old one.

In case of Coleus, remember that it is an annual, which is why it is better to take the cuttings before the beginning of frost.

Grow them inside over the winter period and plant in the garden in early spring. New cuttings usually fill the pots with their roots very quickly.

There are no special requirements for transplanting Coleus plants, just take them out of the pots and plant in the soil.


To Summarise

Coleus will provide season long color and texture to your shade garden. There are many Varieties to choose from so you won't become bored. They have beautiful colors; red, pink, chartreuse, green and orange. Their texture is varied.

Coleus plant will grow 6 to 36 inches tall. Whether you plant them in a bed, border, container or window box, they show breath-taking color Spring through to Fall.

Coleus plant is easy to propagate by taking cuttings and growing them indoors over the winter. This plant is an annual in most of the country, so you'll want to take your cuttings before the first frost.