Columbine Varieties

This page listing Columbine varieties shows the range of flowers of this herbaceous perennial plant that are for sale.

This is an easy shade garden plant to grow and maintain. They have very attractive and showy flowers and are a very popular choice among gardeners.

To see the range of varieties and plants for sale please scroll right down the page.

Columbine - Biedermeier

Columbine - Denver Gold

Columbine - Black Barlow

Columbine - Pleat

Columbine - Cardinal

Columbine - Navy & White

Violet - Columbine

Columbine - Blackcurrant Ice

Columbine - Clementine Blue

Columbine - Clementine Dark Purple

Columbine - Clementine Red

Columbine - Clementine Salmon Rose

Columbine - Dorothy Rose

Columbine - Double Winky Blue & White

Columbine - Origami Blue & White

Columbine - Origami Pink & White

Columbine - Origami Red & White

Columbine - Origami Yellow

Columbine - Winky Red & White

Columbine - Woodside Gold