Potted Perennials

Potted Perennials and Annuals for Container Gardening Plants

Potted perennials are a great way to enhance your garden as you can move the pots around for a different look now and again or to give the plants different levels of sunlight.

Perennials grow a little bit slower, so they don’t require such a big pot. Size is quite important when you choose the containers.

Flower gardening in container

Always get a pot or container that will be big enough for the plant when it is fully grown. For instance, for a plant that will be 3 foot tall, you need a container with 24 inches in diameter.

If the plant will grow approximately one foot tall, the container has to be 8 inches in diameter.

However, if you make a mistake and the pot turns out to be too small, you can also just replant it into a larger container later.

If you don’t plant your potted perennials into large enough containers then the plants can die because the roots don’t have enough space to grow. Or the plant can break the pot, if it is made of less strong materials such as wood or ceramics.

Keep it in mind that the size of the roots doesn’t always depend on the size of the plant.

Some plants like bonsai trees for example have a smaller root ball and roots that don’t grow so deep. Although you do need to trim the roots every couple of years otherwise they may still get pot bound and die.

There are some other plants such as vinestrees or shrubs that need really large and deep containers. If you don’t want to keep a tree in a larger container you can maintain it at 4-6ft high by clipping out the new growth buds at the top and end of the branches, and trimming the roots every two years and filling the space with new compost.

These potted perennials plants don’t have to be replanted every year like annuals. They don’t require as much care as most of the annual flowers.

However, it is much harder to replant them, so make sure that the container is big enough because later it will be hard and messy to change the pot.

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