Phlox Flower

Phlox flower (or Sweet William) is a colourful plant and it will make your garden very beautiful and picturesque. These plants come in a wide range of colours, so you can choose the best ones to match your taste and the other plants in your garden.

Yes, you can opt for white, yellow, scarlet, purple and red Phlox flower, or you can plant all of them, creating a beautiful artistic combination of colours in your garden.

Growing Phlox Flowers

Phlox plants prefer locations that get full sun but they will also tolerate areas with partial shade.

If you do not have a place in your garden where Phlox plants would receive full sun, try to find a spot where they will get a good dose of morning sun.

The most appropriate soil conditions for these plants are to plant them in an average, moderately fertilized soil.

They will grow in sandy soil as well, provided you do not forget to water the plants regularly. Heavy clay soils are not favoured by Phlox as they tend to resent winter wetness.


All varieties of garden, Phlox flower can be easily propagated by carefully performing tip cutting or by division. It is best to divide these plants in the beginning of spring or early autumn.

Flowering Period

This perennial plant is always among the gardeners favourites not only for the beauty of its flowers, but also because it has a long blooming period, though they typically give only one flush of flowers a year. They start flowering in July and keep displaying their elegant and colourful flowers all through August. Then Phlox plants start gradually fade away.

After blooming, “dead head” the plants: cut off the faded flowers and for better results take several upper leaves as well. Deadheading will prevent the plant from rotting and decrease the chances of possible diseases.

The flowers look perfect in vases, they will decorate your house and fill the rooms with light pleasant fragrance.

Different Varieties

It would not be an exaggeration to say that phlox flower has more than a hundred varieties, including even creeping Phlox. Here are several Phlox plants, the most popular and beautiful ones.

‘Miss’ varieties, like ‘ Miss Kelly’, ‘Miss Pepper’ and ‘Miss Elie’ make excellent blooming plants. And this is not the only attraction of them – they are also known for their mildew resistance. It is recommended to go for these varieties if you do not have a spare place in your garden where the plants would get full sun light. The plants from ‘Miss’ series will do reasonably well in partial shade as well.

‘Nora Leigh’ is popular because it was one of the first Phlox plants cultivated in a garden, but it does not demonstrate that great a bloom. If you want some better flowering Phlox in your garden, it is highly recommended to choose ‘Harlequin’ or ‘David’. ‘David’ once even won a title of perennial flowering plant of the year. It is a mildew-resistant variety with elegant and attractive white bloom.


Phlox flower will add much colour to your garden such as purple, red, scarlet, yellow and white, all in many shades. One of the better known is “Sweet William”.

Phlox are grown from seed, are annual and some are perennial. Start indoors for 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last frost, and then transplant them in your garden. Or you can sow them directly into your garden after the last frost.

They make great cut flowers by the way.

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