Pink Perennial Flowers

Discover the Right Pink Perennial Flowers for your Garden

If you want relaxation, calm feelings and aesthetic enjoyment, it would be great to have a patch of pink in your garden.

Pink is not only beautiful, it also symbolizes universal love, and will be definitely appreciated by you, your family, friends and everybody who visits your garden.

There is a huge variety of perennials with pink blooms, so you can choose which plants you like the most.

Don’t forget to combine them with other colours though.

Pink is very addictive and you may find you end up having only this tone in your flower beds.

Pink Perennial Flowers


The flowers of this plant come in bright pink.

They say it is possible to get rid of all sorts of stress related conditions if you plant Cornflower in your garden. Cornflower


It is a durable pink flower which should be protected from strong breeze, so try to find an appropriate place for it in your garden.

Its pink is particularly attractive and will make a great addition to the colour combination in your flower patches. Dahlia Pink Attraction

Pink Lily of the Valley

These elegant perennials with a set of tiny bell-shaped flowers are usually famous for their white variety.

Nevertheless, they look especially delicate, tender and beautiful in pink.

They require very little care, only regular watering to keep the soil moist, and will bring you their gorgeous blooms for years and years to come.

They will look perfect in flower beds, in pots, container, and baskets, in borders with other shade loving flowers, and of course on your dressing table as cut flowers.

They will also make a good ground cover and spread around their pleasant fragrance.

Monarda Petite Wonder

One of the numerous varieties of Monarda (or Bee Balm), Petite wonder is a short perennial plant that riches around fifteen inches in height and has bright pink flowers. It will grow best in the sunny spots of your garden, but partial shade is acceptable as well.

This plant has aromatic foliage and attracts a lot of butterflies. Make sure you plant it in rich soil with a good drainage. Petite wonders will create beautiful pink borders in your flower beds.

Sea Thrift Armada Rose

This evergreen plant is quite hardy and is not afraid of dry soils. It is preferable to grow it in full sun or partial shade. In fact it will do perfectly well in a rocky area, so you can create a rock garden in the corner of your garden and decorate it with pink patches of flowers. Armada Rose is not a common variety of Sea Thrift, so you can choose it for the sake of being original, but not only: it has gorgeous pink flowers on thin stalks which can reach up to eight inches.

The pink flowers of this plant will decorate your garden for a long time – from spring to late autumn. Its pink is rather unusual: the flowers could be described as dusty pink, and their centres are coloured in deeper pink.

There are lots of other pink perennial flowers that can make your garden a desirable place to relax, calm down and enjoy the beauty.

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