Easy to Grow Perennials

Easy to Grow Perennials… and Low Maintenance

No wonder perennials are often considered the making of a garden; they are beautiful, stunning, full of color – and easy to grow. Indeed, a lot of these plants require very little care.

Usually the maintenance for some of these plants will include choosing the right location, watering properly, mulching, deadheading, and dividing the plants.

List of Easy to Grow Perennials

Here are some of the flowering perennials you would enjoy in your garden without having to do too much work to care for them:


This plant comes in different sizes: some species are short, the others are quite tall (up two- three feet). The flowers can be white, blue or pink, depending on variety. You will have a chance to enjoy their beautiful bell-shaped flowers at the end of spring and beginning of summer. Campanula plants prefer full sun or partial shade.

Nepeta (Catmint)

This plant has large spikes of purple, blue or lavender blooms that last for a long time. The purple looks especially sophisticated and beautiful.

It is a favorite plant of cats, but at least you will not have any bother from other animals – for example; deer do not like Catmints. This plant will do very well in containers and pots, and it is also for borders and edges.

Dianthus (pinks)

This is another shade perennial with wonderful blooms. Provided you deadhead this plant regularly, it will bloom all summer long, bringing a splash of white, pink, lavender and red to your garden. It looks amazing when used for edging and as a container plant.

Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea)

This plant is actually biennial, but if you let them self-seed, they will keep reviving in your garden year after year. You can choose pink, red, burgundy, cream and yellow Hollyhocks for your garden. They bloom in summer, usually in June and July. Some species grow rather tall, up to six feet, and therefore may require supporting.

Phlox ‘Miss Lingard’

This variety of Phlox comes in white color and looks exceedingly beautiful and delicate. Unlike most of the Phlox varieties, this one has a strong resistance against powdery mildew. It blooms in June and July.

You can prolong the blooming period with the help of deadheading, but the flowers will be smaller in size. In any case, size does not matter that much – the flowers of ‘ Miss Lingard’ will remain beautiful and decorative.


Most of these plants bloom in summer months requiring very little care. They will grow from one to three feet and their flowers come in wide range of colors, but mostly in white, blue, purple and pink. They look great in big containers or for edging, and do not require too much maintenance.


These perennials will bloom in your garden from early spring till the beginning of summer. In respect to the shape and size of the flowers they will remind you of Salvia. They also come in different colors.

There are many other perennials which do not require much care. If your job keeps you busy and prevents you from spending a lot of time in the garden, it is still possible to have a beautiful flower garden if you choose some of these easy to grow perennials.

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