Dianthus Perennial

A Favourite among Gardeners, Dianthus Perennial

This wonderful Dianthus Perennial plant has always been one of the gardeners’ favourites. It is easy to grow as it requires minimal maintenance, and it is exceedingly beautiful with its brightly coloured blooms. There are almost three hundred species of perennial dianthus, including all the numerous hybrids of this plant.

Most dianthus plants have a very pleasant fragrance, so during the blooming period you can expect your garden to be filled with a nice scent. Flowering can last through all through the seasons except winter.

Dianthus plants look great when planted together as they form a very picturesque green mass. The plants can grow from six to thirty five inches in height. They prefer well drained soil, preferably sandy or clay type.

If the soil is not well drained, this plant can be susceptible to stem rot. Perennial dianthus will thrive in full sun, though it will tolerate a partial shade as well but the flowers are likely to be less spectacular.

As for the companion plants, Dianthus perennial will look great with other border plants like Coreopsis or False Indigo. It is also nice to plant them close to other varieties of dianthus: they look wonderful together. If you want to get the most pleasant aroma in your garden, it is recommended to plant perennial dianthus close to other aromatic plants like Rose or Lavender. If you like to see butterflies in your garden, dianthus will attract a lot of them, especially if planted with Foxglove and Aster plants.

Dianthus is a versatile plant: you can plant it in containers, as a border plant, in a flower bed, in a cottage garden, and so on. It also makes a great cut flower, so you will have an opportunity to decorate the rooms of your house with beautiful blooms.

The most popular varieties of perennial dianthus include:

‘Eastern Star’ dianthus. This variety has got its popularity thanks to its gorgeous foliage and showy flowers. The flowers are pink in colour, with maroon centres. This plant usually reaches up to ten or twelve inches in height.

‘Neon Star’ dianthus. This plant has bluish green foliage and eye-catching flowers which can decorate one’s garden for weeks. It will grow up to between eight and twelve inches tall.
Cottage pink. These plants grow up to twelve inches high and do especially well as border plants. They will bloom the same year as planted, growing slowly and decorating your garden with their evergreen foliage.

Maiden Pink. This variety is preferable if you live in a hot climate zone. Maiden pink holds up to the heat rather well. It has interesting grass-like foliage that looks great in a flower bed or as a ground cover. As most of the dianthus varieties, Maiden pink has a pleasant and sweet fragrance.

There are many more nice varieties and hybrids of the perennial dianthus, so every gardener can choose a few plants according to his or her taste and garden design.

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