Diatomaceous Earth

What is Diatomaceous Earth (DE)? Many people ask that question, and there are only a few who get an answer. DE is yet another proof of the greatness of treasures that lie inside our planet.

Sea shells

This is a kind of soil that is found deep inside the earth. It is formed from fossils: sea-shells, fishes, algae and other prehistoric animals and creatures that lived in the sea.

It is very beneficial, natural, and very old. It is also Eco friendly and it’s used for many purposes… lying in the earth like a treasure waiting to be discovered. It’s mined up from the depths of the earth, and then grounded into a very fine powder, that has versatile uses.

Since it is extremely absorbent, DE causes the dehydration of insects by destroying their exoskeleton.

Uses of Diatomaceous Earth

Broken Glass

You must wonder now what is diatomaceous earth used for? It actually has many uses, but most popularly it is used as a natural but very powerful insecticide.

If you have never seen DE, you should imagine it as a very fine powder, just like dust. If you place these tiny particles under a microscope, you will see that it actually looks a lot like ground up glass, and it has an abrasive but very light feel. When insects get into contact with the powder, their bodies are scratched and they die.

DE can be used to kill large insects and microscopic ones as well. Believe it or not, it is also used as food grade, because it eliminates parasites inside your body! It is also used on pets because it is very efficient in killing flees and other pests.

Since it is so fine, it can get easily into the hair of animals, where it destroys the infestations. It works fast, and it is guaranteed that after 48 hours all insects or parasites will be gone.

Another type of DE is used to keep insects away from the garden.

The DE garden grade is sprinkled around plants, trees, placed in containers, and so on. However, the powder is only effective when the weather is dry: if a rain comes then you have to sprinkle it around the flowers again because the rain washes it away easily.

DE is most commonly used in homes. It is 100% safe for humans, unlike many other insecticides. The only thing to remember is to keep it away from you eyes and don’t inhale it. You can use it in the whole house; just sprinkle it behind the closet, under the furniture, into small cracks where beetles and ants live, and so on. It kills cockroaches, beetles, ants, fleas, slugs, and any other insects.

Use DE to kill insects inside and outside, and do it in a perfectly natural and safe way!

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