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Gardening Boot Buying Guide

Gardening is a great hobby for many but it can also be very messy and dirty too.

Although many people really do not mind the mud and damp, you still need to cover yourself from the elements and in particular protect your feet with a pair of good gardening boots, clogs, or rubber shoes. They are an essential accessory for working in the garden.


Boots for gardening tend to be long and offer protection for the base of your clothes. Many gardens, particularly among the trees and shrubs, are not very accessible places. These boots will give you the grip and protection you need to reach the nooks and crannies of the garden to carry out essential maintenance.

Buying Guide

When you go to purchase your new gardening boot, there are a few things that you need to consider. Here are some very handy tips you can use when you go to buy yours.

  • Durability

The garden boots you choose will be subject to some rough handling and the boots that you buy need to withstand such treatment. Typically tough rubber boots are the best for activities in the garden.

  • Ease of Maintenance

The boots or gardening clogs you buy will get some rough treatment so you need to get boots that can be cleaned easily. Although many people neglect this, it is very important to keep your boots clean by washing in water after your session in the garden for their longevity. Rubber gardening shoes or boots can be rinsed or washed under a tap outdoors.

  • Non Slip

Given the varying kinds of terrain you’ll find in the garden, you need a boot that can support you in all terrains. Therefore, non-slip boots are particularly important to cater for all slippery surfaces. For example, places covered in moss or mud.

  • Withstand low Temperatures

For people that live in colder countries, a garden may need to be tended to even in winter. Although the time spent in the garden in the winter would typically be less in comparison to spring or summer you will need boots that can keep your feet warm at low temperatures as well as dry in mild or warm climates.

  • Waterproof

Although being waterproof may seem like an obvious requirement, people often forget this when buying a gardening boot in the summer months. Gardening always requires watering plants so you definitely need a waterproof pair no matter what climate you are in. If they are not waterproof you may end up with wet legs and feet.

  • Breathable

Gardening can be a tough job and your feet could sweat while you are working. You need comfortable and breathable boots to ensure that your legs and feet are dry from sweat. Breathable boots also mean that your boots will not smell so bad after repeated use.

  • Price

This is typically the first thing that most people look at, but here is it at the bottom of the list because you must not purchase gardening clogs or boots just by going on the price.

You must look at the value for money, rather than just the amount of money. All the points mentioned above are values or attributes of a good pair of gardening boots.

You should therefore determine the level of comfort you have on all the above points and try to get the cheapest boots that satisfy all your requirements.

Gardening boots are great accessories for ardent gardeners that like to get their hands dirty. If you love the messy jobs associated with keeping up a great looking garden, you must get a good pair of boots.

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