Gardening Gloves

You may be surprised that a lot of people neglect to choose protective gardening gloves and purchase cheap gloves not realising just how important they are.

Once you decide to pursue gardening for a hobby, you need to prepare yourself for it, mentally and physically, and in choosing your tools and equipment too.

Good quality tools rank highly in importance for gardening activities and a good pair of gloves are equally as important as spades, trowels, wheelbarrows, and gardening clothes.

Gardening may sometimes be a tough hobby and you want to enjoy it. You definitely don’t want to get bruised palms and fingers, full of thorns and blisters; it would not be the perfect way to enjoy your hobby.

So give gloves the importance they deserve and purchase the best gloves possible.

Suitable Gloves

It is difficult to get a single glove that suits every activity in different types of gardens. You could use one set of gloves for everything, but you would ruin the gloves faster than saving on the cost of additional gloves. If you think picking the perfect glove was tough, now you need to look for different gloves for different activities.

Well, there is one simple thing you can do at this point, that’s to buy a good brand of gardening gloves.

I am going to cover two main brands here but it will give you an idea of what to look for.


Atlas garden gloves are designed for just two reasons, to give you the best grip possible and to protect your hands as best as possible.

The great aspect of Atlas gardening gloves is that they fit like skin on your hands, giving you the flexibility and manoeuvrability you need when working in the garden.

While gardening, this could be the difference between long pleasant hours spent working in the outdoors and short frustrating periods resulting in sore hands.

Though garden gloves may be considered for dirty, muddy use, they need not always lack style. If your personality prefers bright colored gloves with great looking design, then you can indulge yourself with Atlas gloves. They come is wide range of colours and patterns.

Setting aside the appeal, Atlas gloves are made for wide range of functions too. They have tight nylon gloves to cover just the hands for simple gardening jobs, to long gloves covering everything from fingers to shoulder and all lengths in between.

So, depending on whether you are planting seeds or cleaning your garden pond, you have a range of gloves to choose from for all kinds of activities.

Atlas gardening gloves are quite popular and have a great distribution system the world over. If you still can’t get your hands on a pair, you can always order them online. There are many stores and portals on the Internet that sell Atlas glove products. See some listed further down this page.

Popular Atlas Gloves

  • Atlas Nitrile Touch. These closely knit garden gloves have a nitrile coating that helps protect your hands and while not losing any touch sensitivity. These are idea for seeding and other delicate or meticulous work. They come in regular and pastel colors.
  • Atlas Vinylove Waterproof Glove. These are you typical vinyl gloves with great durability and ideal for working on ponds, water features, or fountains.
  • Atlas Therma Fit Gloves. These are the best for grip enhancing garden gloves. If you like to continue gardening into cold autumn and through winter, you can use these gloves. They provide a right grip and retain warmth to work outside in the low temperatures.


Foxglove is a popular brand when it comes to gardening and outdoor accessories. One of their best in class offerings are their wide range of gardening gloves.

All Foxglove gloves are very comfortable and fit closely on the hands. As a result, they become a second skin on your hand.

Product Features

With Foxglove gardening gloves you’ll not lose the feeling and dexterity of bare hands and yet, your hands will not get dirty with soil and mud when you are out in your garden enjoying yourself.

Despite being so cozy, they are pretty tough too. They are abrasion resistant so you can put it to some rough use and still not damage it.

What’s more these gloves are very simple to wash too. You can wash them under tap water, or in your washing machine. Once dried, they’ll be back their original comfortable self-ready for another trip to the garden!

Types of Foxglove Gloves

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Foxglove has several gardening gloves. Foxglove Original is the standard gardening glove.
The Gauntlet is a combination of light weight synthetic leather, reinforced at the finger tips. It also has suede leather cuff guards. The Gauntlet is the perfect glove for gardening around thorny plants like briars and even roses. It is the perfect combination of protection and comfort.

The Works is a glove designed specifically for abrasive activities like weeding, moving stones, etc. It has padded leather palm and toughen finger tips. The back is made of nylon that makes the gloves fit your hand perfectly, while protecting it from dirt and mud.

The Foxgloves Grip and Ultra Grip gloves are ideal for using heavier tools for strenuous work like shoveling and digging.

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