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A shelf or two full of general gardening books for reference are great to have. Scroll down to view recommended books for gardening and garden landscaping.

It is unlikely that you will only tend to a particular type of plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, and they all need different care and maintenance, soil, nutrients, sun, water, deadheading, dividing, pot sizes, levels of shade and sunlight, etc. If you grow different species of trees, shrubs or fruit bushes, they will have different preferences, similarly different types of ground cover, rockery, and flower plants. You may be interested in growing vegetables and herbs in the kitchen garden, or more specifically focussing on something like organic gardening, and in this sense it will definitely be useful to have these reference books ready to refer to.

Whatever type of garden you have, a good set of books can’t fail to be useful and many will also give you information on how to harvest your garden produce such as herbs, dried flowers, vegetables, or fruit.

You can select any of the gardening books below to read the full descriptions and reviews.

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Shade Garden Books

Shade gardens are what this site focuses on mainly and here are a variety of gardening books specifically related to shade gardening methods and plants.

Greenhouses Books

Buy Greenhouse Books

Container Gardening Books

If you have a small garden, balcony, or patio, container gardening is ideal. You can grow a wide variety of plants, flowers, small trees, and even fruit and vegetables in containers quite successfully.

Container Gardening Books Amazon

Organic Gardening Books

Organic gardening has become increasingly more popular over recent years and even if you don’t maintain your entire garden organically you can make a start and gradually change over to being completely organic. See this range of books for some great advice and tips on organic garden methods.

Organic Gardening Books Amazon

Gardening Tips

For general reference and ideas guides and gardening books here is a small selection.

General Gardening Books Amazon

Or perhaps Landscaping Software would help you?

Books on Flowers for Shade

Flower shade gardens are beautiful and can really make your garden complete. Most gardens do have some shade or semi shade and areas that do not get full sun all day. There are a wide variety of flowers you can plant to brighten up these shaded parts of your gardens that are under trees, fences, walls, and on the dark side of the house or shed.

Shade Flower Gardening Books Amazon

Perennials Books

If you are specifically looking for information about perennials, this range of books gives you a good indication of what is available.

Perennials Books Amazon

Rock Garden Books

Rock gardens add something special to a garden. If you are looking to start off a rock garden or to think about adding some more plants to an existing rock garden, you will get some fantastic ideas from these books about what to plant, soils, and different types of rocks you can use to fit in with your garden design.

Rock Gardening Books Amazon

Ferns Books

Ferns are really good for shade and you will likely be surprised when you see the great range of different ferns you can buy!

Ferns Gardening Books Amazon

Childrens Gardening Books

Most children really enjoy a bit of gardening and it is a good outdoor activity to get them interested in. Get your children to set up a small area of your garden that they can call their own. There are lots of plants that will grow fast and these days you will find seed packets that are aimed specifically at being suitable for children merely because they can see the result of their efforts fairly quickly. It is also good to get children into growing a few vegetables so they can harvest them and eat them for dinner. The future of the world is going be food shortages and to provide your children with the skill of being able to grow their own food is something we should all be doing. Even if you do only have a balcony or window box, there is no reason why you can’t grow a few edible plants there with your children.

Childrens Gardening Books Amazon

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