Organic Gardening

Guides and Tips for Organically Growing Plants

Organic gardening has become more widely practised due to concerns over the environment, our health, the health of our family and pets, and the recognition that we can’t keep on abusing the earth indefinitely without seeing some detrimental and long lasting effects on our global environment.

The following sections of this site will provide you with guides, tips, and information, of starting and maintaining a garden grown using organic methods.

Organic for Beginners

Beginners to this type of garden will not find it as difficult as it was some years ago due to the wide range of information that is now available. It is also beneficial that over the years many people have tried out these methods, ironed out the problems, and overcome many of the issues that turning organic has presented.

Therefore, if you are just starting out you will have some of the best help available and accessible via books, the internet, and forums that are frequented by very experienced and helpful people.

Organic Garden with Shallots and Vegetables

How to Choose Organic Plants

Organic garden methods that used to be more popular among vegetable gardeners have now become more and more popular among flower lovers too. And no wonder: with all the benefits it can provide there are no limitations and you can grow every kind of plant organically.

Of course, there are things to consider before you start planting, and it is important to choose your plants according to your garden environment and climate zone.

Find out how to dramatically reduce your use of insecticides, fungicides and any other chemical.

Organic Vegetable Gardening

How to Start with Organic

Don’t neglect this opportunity; start gardening organically as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the quicker you will benefit from the results.

Learn how to begin transforming your land, stimulate the growth of your plants and vegetables, and achieve success sooner rather than later.

Organic Pest Control

Here are a few ideas for you to try out to keep pests under control in your garden using natural methods and products. Yes, it is possible to control garden pests without using pesticides!


Taking care of soil by adding compost starts beneficial processes such as; breaking down organic matter, releasing food and nutrients for plant food, absorbing nutrients and minerals, retaining water, and improving soil structure.

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Gardening Books

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