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Garden Water Fountains Guide

Gardens are great places to hang around and relax. At the same time, the sound of flowing water is tranquil and soothing. Wouldn’t it be great to merge the two things to create an ultimate combination? Outdoor garden water fountains can help you achieve just that.

Choosing Fountains

Fountain Sizes

The first thing to consider is obviously the size – though a fountain may be great to look at, it most importantly needs to fit into your garden landscape.

If you have a relatively small backyard garden, it doesn’t make sense to install a grand fountain that covers most of your garden views.

The fountain must not stand out and be the sole focus in your garden. It should either blend in with the rest of your garden or the garden must enhance the fountain. Picking the right size outdoor garden fountain is vital.

Shape of Fountain

The next important thing to determine is the shape of fountain you want. This has less to do with the space in your garden and more to do with you and what you prefer in aesthetic appearance.

There are plain outdoor garden fountains and others that are ornamental, some even come with statues. You need to determine what suits your garden and more importantly, what expresses you and your lifestyle.

There are some fountains shapes that may gel extremely well with the layout of your garden and nowadays there is a wide range to choose from.

Fountain Function

The next thing to look at is the manner in which the fountain water flows. In some cases, the fountain will spray the water in the air and create a very grand look. This may be great, but it could rot your garden furniture and fence more quickly if the spray and dampness is close to any wooden or bamboo fencing or furniture.

Another type of fountain is the one with a small amount of water flowing out from pipes. These are common water jets coming out of tubes in the fountain. These do not spray water all over the place, but they do add an artistic look to the fountain and the garden.

Yet another great alternative is the free flowing fountains. In this case, a common design is water coming out of pots.

The quantity of water in these fountains is a lot, and they tend to flow down like a river rather than a typical fountain. In this case, the fountain adds not only visual effects but soothing sounds of running water too.

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