Solar Garden Fountains

A Guide to Solar Garden Fountains

Solar powered garden fountains are excellent additions to most gardens. They can add a picturesque attraction to the landscape, and provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere to your outdoor space.

Besides… the sound of flowing water very soothing and relaxing. If you can make these amazing things solar driven, it doesn’t cost anything to run.

Solar garden fountains are water fountains that run on solar energy. Thus, these fountains are not just nice to have in your garden; they are also eco-friendly and green. With sun supplying all the energy to run a fountain, you can save on power costs and possible battery cost.

Typically, solar cells are quite durable and require limited maintenance, so your maintenance costs are also low with these types of fountains.

There is no messy cabling to connect power to the fountain – you won’t need any! The power is obtained from sun so no cable is required.

On the flip side though, we have the problem of the power supply itself. For the solar fountain to function, you need good exposure to bright sun. Something that is not always readily available when you need it.

The brighter the sunlight, the better is the water fountain performance. So it is clear you can’t put a solar fountain in a shady corner of the garden because it will not function very well.

Another related problem with the solar fountain is the garden landscape. Most gardens have decent covering of tall trees; these trees may affect the sunlight exposure to the fountain. So you may have to re-think your garden landscaping before introducing a solar fountain.

The last point to consider regarding the solar garden fountain is the cost. Most solar equipment is expensive. While the recurring costs on these devices may be low, the initial investments can be quite high.

The best way to think of it is to look at the savings you can get by using solar energy for your fountain. The mains power savings (due to lack of cabling and in most cases plumbing), reduced maintenance etc. can be offset against the additional cost over other choices.

Once you look at it this way, the bigger initial investment on a solar garden fountain may be justified.

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There is a range of solar powered garden fountains on the market.

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Fountains powered by electricity are also an option.

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