Deer X Protective Fencing

A Deer X Fencing Product Review

Did it ever happen to you that your lovely flowers and plants were damaged by a deer or other animals?

If it did then you are not alone. There are many people who spend a lot of time making a beautiful garden, just to find their flowers destroyed one day.

Deer are lovely animals, everyone agrees with that, but you also love your plants, especially since you worked so hard to grow them.

How can you keep your plants safe and the deer unharmed in the same time?

The answer is Deer X. This is a protective fence that keeps deer away without harming them. It is made of polypropylene mesh, it is strong and durable, and most importantly much more flexible and delicate than the usual chicken wire. It is soft, easy to install, and barely visible.

If you don’t want fencing, here are some suggestions for Deer Resistant Plants.

Advantages of this Product

Deer X is very convenient, and it can be reused every year. You can store it for the winter in the basement or the garage, or even use it in the winter as a snow barrier.

It lasts for many years. One of the best things about this product is that it doesn’t harm deer. There are a lot of fences that can protect gardens against animals, but they end up hurting them. Deer can get stuck in fences, and they can cut themselves with the wire.

Sometimes they try to jump over the barricade and their feet get caught in the fence. You certainly don’t want that to happen do you? Deer are nice animals and they don’t want to do any harm to you, they just can’t tell apart the wild plants from the domestic ones.

Downside of the Product

Naturally the Deer X fence has some bad sides as well, just like everything. It is not as strong as some of the other fences; it is more like a web that covers the bushes and shrubs.

It is made to maintain the aesthetics of your garden, but it still can be seen of course. It doesn’t last as much as some other fences that are made of strong metals: those can last for over 20 years.

Why choose this Product

There are many protective fences out there, designed to create a barricade and leave no opportunity for animals to eat or destroy your plants.

Unfortunately most of these fences have only one goal, to keep the garden safe, but they forget about the safety of the animals.

The great majority of the protective fences do their jobs, but they cause many accidents.

Especially the very strong ones, that are not flexible at all, they can hurt the deer.

Those fences that are the most harmful are ones that are hard to see, and the deer just run into them without realizing it.

Deer X fence is soft and it doesn’t hurt any animal.


This protective fence is still one of the best fences compared to the rest: it doesn’t destroy the beauty of your garden and it keeps the deer away without harming them in any way.

It is much cheaper than some other types of fences. This is quite important as well because not everyone has the budget for an expensive fencing system.

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