Garden Solar Lights

Solar lights not only look brilliant in the garden landscape they also provide extra safety when used for lighting up paths and borders, decking and patios or balconies, at the side of steps, and around water features and ponds.

Outdoor solar lighting also helps towards security by lighting up your garden at night all year round, not just at Christmas.

Garden solar lights can be used to highlight shrubs, trees, and other plants, can be mounted along fencing, or add to features such as fountains so create a magical atmosphere when it’s dark.

There are so many different types and colours it would be impossible to describe them all, ranging from posts to rocks, fence mounted or to insert in decking, on spikes to stick in the ground, and strings to drape around trees and plants. You can even get wind chimes with solar lighting on them, or lights made to look like flowers and butterflies.

Most of these garden lights turn on automatically in late evening so you don’t have to switch them on and off. Some also have an on/off switch in case you do want to switch them off for any reason. As with any other product you do get what you pay for. Really cheap solar lighting for just providing a dim light along paths or to add a bit of low light atmosphere will not provide an intensely bright light. Others will provide brighter lighting but are likely to be more expensive.


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