Garden Shade Cloth

Garden Shade Cloth Buying Guide and How to Use It

A shade cloth can be a blessing in disguise for your garden in more ways that you would imagine. You need keep the garden free of weeds, dried leaves and protect your plants from damage due to excessive sunlight or other attacks.

What is a Garden Shade Cloth?

It is purpose made cloth used to provide shade in the garden for a variety of uses and reasons..

Typically these are very useful in gardens where you do not have tall trees for natural shade or in greenhouse gardens where you want to protect delicate and tender plants from the sun.

Buy Shade Cloth

There are a couple of things to look for in garden cloth.

Quality of the Material

It must be tough enough to withstand the outdoor elements and at the same time provide good shade wherever required.


It must not stand out in the garden as an oddity and needs to blend in so it doesn’t spoil your garden.

In regions where sunlight is intense, there can be issues of UV exposure to the cloth. In such places it is better to ask for a shade cloth that is UV stabilized for additional protection.

There are different shade cloth materials available on the market.

The black shade cloth is commonly used to filter out the UV rays.

The other alternative is the alumitex shade cloth, the threads are aluminium. Aluminium threads can reflect excessive heat out during summer months and retain warmth during winter season.

Uses of Garden Shade Cloth

The purpose of the cloth is to keep excessive heat out during summer and retain warmth during winter.

Place the stand in one corner of the garden and hide all your gardening tools and pots behind the shade.

If you want to push this idea a bit further, you can use patterned shade cloth so it looks more aesthetic. Alternatively, you can even paint your own design onto your cloth.

And lastly, the shade cloth still provides shade, so you can exploit its shade to protect some of your plants. A little bit of creativity on your part can transform something like a shade cloth into an artistic addition to your garden.

Shade Cloth

In conclusion, garden shade cloth is probably the most inexpensive way of protecting your garden. It can also be used to add some artistic value to the garden, not just in shades, colours and patterns, but also in hiding untidy parts of the garden.


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