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Good quality shovels and spades are a must if you want to get the job done properly and easily. If you are already an avid gardener you will already know this. If you are a beginner gardener you will learn this very soon!

This is one of the most important gardening tools you will need for a decent sized garden, a sturdy shovel that is right for the job. It is needed for many gardening activities – from preparation such as turning the soil, to planting small trees, to lifting plants.

Without a decent shovel, you could be investing far too much time doing simple activities with poor quality tools when that time could be better spent enjoying your finished work.

Types of Garden Shovels

Garden shovels come in variety of shapes and forms, each designed for a specific purpose. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking they are all the same.

  • The narrow shovels

The narrow ones are great for digging up flat soil; they can penetrate hardened soil with more ease than the broader types of shovels.

  • The broader shovels

These are more versatile and can be used in many tasks in your gardening. For example; digging the soil, moving stones, and occasionally for levelling the ground.

  • Short handled garden shovels

These with short handles are a general favourite for many new and beginner gardeners. The primary reason for this is that it looks and feels just like most other tools that you might use such as picks, sledge hammers, etc. While it may look to be the ideal shovel, it can put a lot of strain on your back and body in general. Short handled tools are not a good tool to use if you are prone to back problems, or don’t want to get a bad back in the future.

  • The long handle shovel

The shovel with a long handle is a great tool to use for gardening. They are ergonomic. This means that you are not bending and pushing in angles and levels that you body is not accustomed to. Besides, if you can stand tall and dig, you can use your whole body effectively to dig deeper or more efficiently. An ideal handle height for a long handle shovel or spade is somewhere between your armpit and shoulder. Bare this in mind when you are choosing one and/or take that measurement, note it and compare with descriptions when you are buying online.

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Garden Shovels Amazon

Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel

The Fiskars Long Handle digging shovel is a very sturdy and reliable shovel that is ideal for digging up soil. Its heavy duty design suits hard and rugged gardening work.

The biggest advantage of long handle shovels is that you can use your feet to step on it which provides that extra push to dig the soil with more ease.

Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel Amazon

Fiskars shovel has a broader step to allow you to transfer weight on the shovel in a much better fashion. The tear drop looking shape of the shaft also makes it easy to manoeuvre.

Besides, the blades of this shovel are pre-sharpened to deliver a top performance. What’s more the Fiskars shovel comes with a life time warranty, which means you are assured of a quality product for life!

Many customers who used this shovel and provided feedback have appreciated its blade design. They feel it is the ideal mix of penetrating ability and moving ability in a shovel.

It is pointed enough to penetrate soil and dig it up, and at the same time it is wide enough to move large quantities of soil at a time – a gardeners ideal shovel.

Some customers though, have felt that this shovel is a bit on the heavier side. So it may not be great if you need to lift it high for any particular job. However, the extra weight helps a lot during digging – which is what it was originally designed for. It wasn’t designed to be lifting it high, it was designed for digging.

In short the Fiskars Long handle digging shovel is a great tool for some tough work in the garden. Hard clay and rocky soils require lot of effort and this heavy duty shovel can make that sort of work easier.

However, it is heavy to the point that an extended session with the shovel, and you could have aching muscles for a few days after that. So determine your shovel use and your garden soil first before buying or rejecting this great gardening tool.

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