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Gardening can be very relaxing and at the same time real hard work, which most gardeners don’t mind and find quite enjoyable.

However, what many gardeners may like to reduce and avoid if possible is the soil, dirt and the mess that generally comes with working the garden. While it is hard to eliminate getting dirty completely, you can protect yourself from that soil and dirt with some real good garden apparel.

Garden apparel should make you feel as comfortable as you can while you are gardening. Even though you’ll be working in the shade it’s still hot and humid. So comfortable clothing, gloves, a hat and certainly knee pads will go a long way towards making working in the garden that much more enjoyable.

Garden apparel encompasses a wide range of things ranging from protective gear to cover you, to stands and trays to prevent dirt from entering your house. Depending on the kind of garden you have and how involved you are in your gardening, you could need just a few gardening apparels or quite a lot if you are a really busy gardener.


The first and probably the most important apparel is gardening boots. Gardening boots are made of tough material and are generally tall boots to protect your feet and pants from soiling, even when you need to step into some of the really wet and muddy areas of the garden.

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The next items to consider are gardening shirts and pants. Gardening pants are extremely useful if you need to bend down to prune plants or aerate the soil. They may get soiled but the tough material means they can be washed and dried and they’ll be back to as good as new. Similarly gardening shirts are great when you are working on taller trees and plants. There can be dead leaves and dirt that may fall from the top of tall plants.

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The next thing you will need is a pair of gardening gloves. Depending on the kind of work you will be doing, you can purchase gloves with less dexterity but greater grip for shovelling, and the more dexterous ones for meticulous works. Besides these you also can also get aprons, hats and stands.

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