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A Must Have of Basic Garden Tools from the Garden Center

Maintaining a good garden is not just about investing time and energy, but also knowing how to use the right tools for the best results.

Always ensure that you have a decent collection of essential garden tools for best results. If you are new to gardening and are not sure which tools to use, I hope this article will help you choose.

If you already have some gardening tools and things are working fine, you may still want to read this article to learn things about gardening equipment that may help make your gardening easier and more efficient!


This is probably one of the more versatile tools you must have from your garden center. A hand trowel is a small tool used to dig up soil to plant small plants and trees. It can also be used to carefully dig up bulbs and annuals.

What’s more, if you are out there clearing your garden of weeds and do not want to purchase a tool for just that then you can use the trowel to help you out with weeding too.

Given how useful a trowel is you must consider which one will suit you carefully. Since this is a short garden tool, you need something that can transfer maximum power from your hand to the soil. Secondly, the design and grip should be comfortable for you to hold and work.


Spades are common garden tools used primarily while planting plants, shrubs and young trees. There are multiple forms of spades available and each type will be suitable for different jobs.

The short handle spades are ideal for digging up soil to plant your young trees. They can help you dig holes in the soil deep enough to lower and cover you plants. They can also be used to provide some edging and touch ups to your garden.

The longer handle spades are primarily used to dig up relatively large plants. They are large and can cut through roots. They can also dig through set soil which would require tremendous effort with a short handle spade.

Hand Pruner

While setting up a garden is important, keeping it spick and span is equally vital. For this, good hand pruners come in handy. You can get rid of dead flowers, leaves, etc with a pruner and can keep your garden looking tidy.

Try to get a pruner that fits your hand easily, has a good grip, is not too stiff to use, and works smoothly in your hand. If you visit a garden center for your tools, make sure the pruner, secateurs, or pruning shears, are not too large for your hand otherwise you will find it a difficult tool to use. Once your garden is ready, you’ll be using it extensively, hence getting a good one is important.


This is a specialized too designed to pull out weeds and other unwanted plants from your garden. Weeding is a tough and meticulous job that having the right equipment really makes a lot easier and less labour intensive.

Pulling out weeds from hard or set soil can be very tedious, hence keep the soil well watered and aerated before starting the weeding process. Again look for a good comfortable weeder that fits your grip well.

Gardening Gloves and Clothes

Gardening may be relaxing, but it can get quite messy. Hence you need a good set of garden gloves to keep your hands and nails clean. Besides, a good glove tends to give better grip on tools than bare skin.

Not all gloves are the same though. For tough jobs like digging up soils you need the tough, rugged gloves. These give excellent grip and avoid palm abrasion. Have a good look at the range available from your garden centre and be sure to get the right size for your hands!

For more meticulous work, these gloves can become a hindrance. You need softer gloves for such activities. It is recommended that you have a set of each kind of glove.


You don’t necessarily have to visit the garden center for these tools, you can find them readily online and have them delivered to your door. A variety of suppliers are also linked throughout this site.

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