Designing a Perennial Garden

There are so many varieties of perennial shade flowers, each of them unique and beautiful; it’s great fun choosing for garden design.

Most perennials bloom from the beginning of spring until the end of autumn. When one type of flower withers, another one blooms. Having a perennial garden is easy and rewarding.

Perennial flowers need to be planted in the spring. Most of them are sold as small plants, which you just have to plant carefully, while others are sold as roots.

When you plant perennials, make sure that you leave enough space between them by imagining how much room they will take up when fully grown. Also remember that some perennials like living in the shade, while others need more sunlight.

When you decide which flowers to pick, think about the height and colour of the plants. The height is especially important, because you don’t want to end up with a garden that has very tall flowers in front, hiding all the smaller ones at the back. It is good to include some variations in height and colour in your garden plan.

Take into consideration that some flowers bloom in the spring while others later in the year. It’s good to choose different types of flowers that bloom over different periods so that your garden is always in bloom.

Since there are so many beautiful flowers among perennials, you could group them in some way. It doesn’t look quite so nice if you have all kinds of colours scattered around the garden, try making groups of flowers of repetitive colour instead. If you want to plant yellow flowers at one end of the garden, make sure you will plant another group of yellow flowers in the middle of the garden and maybe also at the other end.

When designing a perennial garden, pick those flowers that have contrasting colours. You can choose some yellow ones and purple or violet ones for example. If you plant these near each other, they will have a very nice contrasting effect.

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