Fall Blooming Perennials

Fall blooming perennials are a must!

As you know, a great many common garden perennials usually fade away with the coming of fall, and this can make your garden look rather bare of color.

Fortunately there are a few fall flowering perennials, that bloom in autumn and will keep blooming to fill your garden with color until winter finally arrives.

Fall Flowering Perennials

Toad Lily

The Toad Lily is an interesting fall flowering perennial. It has clusters of very attractive flowers which remind you of orchids and the flowers have unique purple spots. The blooming period of these plants is quite long – from September through until the first frosts appear. This plant prefers partial shade and the soil should be kept moist.


This plant is exceedingly hardy, which is one reason why it will tolerate some harsh conditions such as dry soil. It prefers partial shading.

The flowers can be used for dry flower bouquets: in autumn they are bright yellow, after the frosts they will become white and fluffy, and a little bit later again and they will turn brownish golden.

Aconitum Carmichaelii

Aconitum Carmichaelii fall perennials can reach up to three feet in height. The foliage is green and glossy, and the flowers are coloured a violet blue.

They appear in September or October time and have a very distinctive hooded shape.

All the parts of this plant are highly toxic, so avoid consuming them and keep away from small children and pets.

Aconitum Carmichaelii prefers moist fertile soil and light shade locations.

September Charm – Japanese Anemone – Windflower

September Charm is a graceful fall flowering plant, tall with pink flowers that have golden yellow centers. Generous blooms for borders and to use as cut flowers. Can be used in shade and woodlands and is good for attracting butterflies.

Pretty Lady Diana – Japanese Anemone – Windflower

Pretty Lady Diana is a fall flowering Japanese anemone with a natural compact growth, 16” high by 24” wide, a dwarf plant with a mass of pink blooms. This is a reliable hardy plant that tolerates part shade. Can be grown in containers, prefers moist soil all the time and needs a bit of shade in very sunny climates.

Anemone Bupebensis

The Anemone Bupebensis plant grows up to two or three feet tall. It makes a perfect border plant with its coarse leaves and beautiful pink flowers. The flowers are saucer-shaped and approximately two inches in diameter.

The flowering period starts in July and lasts right through until the middle of the fall or autumn. Perhaps you saw this plant in catalogues under another name ‘Anemone japonica’, but in fact it is the same plant. It likes light shading and well-drained soils – just provide these conditions, and you will be rewarded with a few weeks of having this pink beauty in your garden.

Cyclamen Hederifolium

Cyclamen Hederifolium is a dwarf Cyclamen, the most popular and widespread variety. The flowers are white and pink, they appear in August and last until October. But this is not the only attraction of Cyclamen Hederifolium.

Its foliage is unique in a way and serves as a nice decoration to the plant. The leaves are ivy-shaped, with beautiful marbling on the surface. This plant can grow in shade or sun, but best of all it like it near the base of a tree. The soil should be moist but well drained for this plant to thrive.


Do not leave your garden without flowers in the fall – it is a wonderful blooming season for a lot of lovely species. Try some of these plants to brighten up the autumn as the days get shorter and other flowers are dying off.

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