Red Perennial Flower

Various Types of Red Perennial Flowers

A lot of gardeners plant perennials if they want to get the splashes of flowers’ bright colours and peaceful greenery of foliage year after year.

Red perennial flowers are perfect for this purpose. They have bright petals which bring the aesthetics to your garden and attract the attention of people, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Red is a strong colour, it symbolizes passion and love. It also has an ability to uplift one’s mood and bring a touch of cheerful attitude to everything around.

So, if you want to have red in your garden, you should consider the following red perennial flowers.

List of Red Perennials


There are white varieties of this perennial flowering plant, but according to the common opinion the species with red flowers are more attractive.

These small red flowers are placed on thin stalks. Astible plants will do well in the shady locations. Astilbe – Vision in Red

Cardinal flower

It is a lobelia perennial plant which has a red flowering variety. Cardinal flower looks exquisitely beautiful when planted in group or in combination with other varieties.

It will create a nice effect if you combine red flowers of this plant with white, yellow or purple of other perennial flowering plants. Cardinal Clementis


The flowers of this plant come in a wide range of colors, but red ones are probably the most elegant, bright and showy.

In all varieties of red (as well as white, pink, yellow and mixed colors) these flowers can reach up to four- five inches in diameter.

No wonder this plant is a favourite of many gardeners – its massive blossoms are impressive. These bushy plants with lots of foliage will make a great accent in your flower arrangement. Peony Koukamon

Garden Phlox

Not Creeping Phlox.

This perennial plant grows up to three feet in height and has kind of globes of flowers at the top, red, pink, white or purple in color. Phlox Tall Perennial Flower


These perennials are almost universal when it comes to the choice of colours. You can find them in white, lavender, purple, yellow, rose, pink, and of course red. The cheerful flowery spikes of this plant will create a wonderful effect in your garden.


The flowers of this plant are bell-shaped, tender and delicate. They are represented in white, purple or red. Red varieties create a nice contrast with green foliage.

In general, red and green are placed in the opposite spectrum of colours, but at the same time they look exquisitely attractive together.

No wonder so many flower lovers prefer to see red blooms in their gardens. Columbine is rather easy to grow in rich, moist but well drained soil. Its nectar is especially appealing to the hummingbirds. Columbine – Origami Red & White

Christmas Rose

The Christmas Rose looks exceedingly attractive. It would make an excellent choice if you want your garden to have a blooming plant at times when other plants already stopped flowering. Frosts, rains or winds are not an obstacle for this brave flower.

Red perennial flowers will stand out in your garden, bringing lots of joy and aesthetic satisfaction to everybody who happens to see them.

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