Purple Perennial Flowers

Enhance Your Garden with Purple Perennial Flowers

Purple is a wonderful deep colour, usually associated with royalty and nobility. Thanks to its strange nature it always creates an unusual effect – being a combination of a strong warm color (red) and equally strong cold one (blue), it gives a sensation of something mysterious, romantic and tender.

Purple flowers are not as wide spread as white, yellow and pink perennials, but lots of flower lovers appreciate having them in their gardens. Purple can be mixed with flowers of other colors or used separately.

Popular Purple Perennial Flowers


There are lots of varieties of Delphinium from the buttercup family, around three hundred species, and their blooms come in different colours. However, they are usually known for their purple flowers.

Also, they vary in height: from ten centimetres up to two meters. Taller plants look great alone or as a background for lower perennials.


Salvia is an exceedingly beautiful flowering perennial with purple blooms.

It has a relatively long flowering period (several weeks), which can be prolonged even more if you remove its faded flowers.


This perennial has some similarities with Salvia, but its flowers are shaped a little bit differently.

The blooming period of this plant is not particularly long, but it is still very enjoyable to have these beautiful flowers in your garden. They can be white and pink, but purple varieties look especially nice.

Butterfly Bush

A great plant to have in your garden: its ornamental purple flowers will make a nice visual treat. Another positive point is that these plants do not take very much time to care for.

This perennial comes in pink and white as well, and it is nice to have a combination of all three colors in your garden. They look especially beautiful with all those numerous butterflies they usually attract. They can grow quite tall, so plant them in a place where you require some height. Butterfly Bush – Miss Ruby


It is a great plant to have in your garden as well, especially if you do not have time to water your plants that often.

It has a long blooming period and very beautiful purple flowers.

Elegant in their simplicity, these purple perennial flowers will bring a splash of purple to your flower arrangement.

Catmint Walkers Low


This perennial plant looks great when growing alone or in combination with other flowering plants, especially roses. With Lavender you will get the opportunity to enjoy not only beautiful blooms, but its pleasant fragrance as well.

If you want a reminder about all the wonderful hours you spend in your garden enjoying the beauty and scent of Lavender, just dry its flowers and keep them inside your room in winter time. Lavender – Elegant Purple


Its flowers are also purple in color. This plant loves locations with good sunlight, so try to find the right place for them in your garden, sunlight is absolutely necessary for Coneflower to thrive. With these plants you will surely have a lot of butterflies in your garden.

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