Perennial Shade Garden

How to Create a Perennial Shade Garden

Perennial Shade Garden with Red Grasses
fall palms make good color composition for your yard.

A lot of people don’t know how beautiful shade gardens can be. Shadowed areas in gardens can often be left uncared for thinking that a lack of sun means nothing will survive there.

The reality is that there are lots of plants that survive in shade.

Perennial shade gardens are easy to maintain and because of that they are very convenient for busy people.

Why Choose Perennial Shade Flowers

Most people don’t have the time to re-plant their flowers each year or to water them every day.

Choosing perennial shade flowers is the perfect solution for this as perennial shade flowers don’t require as much care as other types of flowers.

They need shade and moist soil… and that’s about it. If areas of your garden are in shadow, take advantage of it and make your own beautiful perennials shade flower garden. It’s very easy.

Although perennial shade flowers need less care than other flowers, you should still keep a few things in mind before you decide to plant them. Not all kinds of gardens are suitable for perennial shade flowers.

What Type of Garden is Suitable?

Shade Garden With Waterfall

First of all, a garden that is exposed to sunlight all day is not suitable for perennial shade flowers. If your garden is too sunny, you should plant these flowers close to a wall or under some trees, you must ensure they are not exposed to direct sunlight at midday.

There are many degrees of shade and each of them supports a different kind of perennial garden.

Heavy Shade

There is heavy shade, which is found under large trees with dense branches, for example evergreen trees. The northern side of buildings are also good places with heavy shade.

To plant in these areas you should choose plants that can survive in low light and conditions that are mostly moist, as they are under trees and shrubs.

Dappled Shade

Dappled shade can be found under trees, where the branches block some of the sunlight, but not all, leaving the sun rays to reach to the ground through the leaves. This kind of shade is ideal for most perennial shade flowers, particularly if the soil is enriched and the area sheltered from hot dry winds.

Best perennial shade flowers that can be planted under dappled shade are BluebellBluestar Amsonia, False Indigo, Plantain Lily and Trillium.

Bright Shade

Another kind of shade is bright shade. You can find bright shade at the outer edges of tree canopies, a place which receive sunlight only in the early morning and in the evening, but not at midday.

The best perennial shade flowers that can be planted under bright shade are ColumbineFoxglove and Daylily.


The ideal perennial shade garden has both bright shade and dappled shade, and not many areas which receive sunlight all day long.


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Planting Perennials

The ideal time to start planting perennial flowers in your garden is spring.

Planting in the spring gives them time to get strong and grow before the hot days of summer arrive. If the plants are planted too late they won’t be strong enough to survive the hot summer days.

Winter or summer are not good times of the year for planting flowers, because the plants won’t have opportunity to develop their roots and get established.

Perennial shade flowers need a lot of water; actually most of them need more than other types of flowers. Make sure that the soil of your garden has the moist conditions that these flowers need.

Tips for Growing Perennials

If you have the optimized conditions in your garden as explained above, I am sure you will have a beautiful perennial shade garden. Believe me; it’s worth all the effort and the planning.
After planting perennials you won’t have very much to worry about as they will bloom every spring again and again, giving you the pleasure of admiring their beauty every year.

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