Create a Shade Garden

Why you need to create shade garden… do you already have a shady garden… or have a lot of sun and need to create shade? There are lots of really stunning flowers and plants suited for places that don’t get much sun.

There are some plants that actually can’t tolerate direct sunlight for too long, and prefer to be in the shade for most of the day.

Tulips, read and purple flowers
Shade Flowers in the Dappled Shade of a Tree

Flowers that prefer shade are just as beautiful as the ones that like the sun and some of them have equally great scents as well.

If you have a garden that has a lot of shade, now you can try out some of these plants and use your entire garden!

Reasons to Create a Shade Garden

Shade Sails make an outdoor cover! Remember those hot days of summer when you just can’t stand the heat anymore? A shaded part of the garden will provide a cool and peaceful place to relax.

Create shade garden plants, trees, and flowers

A shade garden can be of lower maintenance than the full sun garden so if you won’t need to spend so much time gardening to maintain it. The flowers grow slower in the shade and they don’t require as much care.

There are many perennials that can live comfortably in shade without needing the same amount of care as other types of plants. You can have a beautiful garden without it taking up so much of your time.

A good strategy would be planting perennials. Perennials are plants that live for many years, unlike annuals which need to be refreshed each year.

Increasing your property value by improving all areas of your garden is also an advantage from a financial point of view as a beautiful garden with colorful flowers greatly increases the value of your property. There aren’t many people who would look at a property surrounded by shadow all the time, but if you can turn that into an oasis of color then be sure that the offers you will get for your property will improve!

Provide a wonderful place to have a party.  Do you have a shady spot in your garden that looks depressing and uncared for? Turn it into a place for fun and entertainment while putting that shade to good use! Planting flowers doesn’t take up too much of your time and it will be worth it when you get the opportunity to have parties, hang out with your friends, and have barbecues, grills, picnics and so on. A shady garden area for entertaining is so good when it’s hot. If you have a yard, why not use all space in it? You will see how different it will look once the first flowers you’ve planted start to bloom.



The first important aspect of a garden is its colors. When you select plants and flowers, think it through carefully.

The height and color of plants is very relevant. Those gardens that have plants of different sizes and colors are the most beautiful – small beauties hiding behind taller flowers, seeming as if they are waiting to be discovered.

If you have some very tiny flowers, make sure that their colors are vivid and special so they can be noticed among the larger plants and flowers.


Create Shade Garden

Decorative edgings are quite popular nowadays. Using edging will make sure that nobody steps on the flowers or accidentally destroys them while mowing the grass. There are many kinds of decorative edgings, some made of brick, faux-stone, wood, and so on. For example, consider bamboo edging. It looks really nice and natural against your garden plants. They also have different colors that can be matched with the flowers and foliage.

It is very easy to install edges and once again you can rely on your imagination: you don’t necessarily have to put them in a straight line; you can be creative and design your own shape.

Sitting Area

Add seating to increase your comfort. You can choose whatever you think matches with the style and atmosphere: wooden or bamboo benches, chairs, tables, anything that will make those summer evenings unforgettable. Sitting outside when the sun is setting is the best time to relax because most flowers have the strongest scent just before sunset.

Attract Birds

Add bird feeders to attract birds, they will be grateful and will also help keep insects numbers lower.

Don’t forget to put a water bowl out for the birds too, they need fresh water to drink and for preening and cleaning their feathers.

Decorative Items for Your Garden

Once you have a garden with beautiful colors, scents, and enchanting bird song, you can add a final touch and decorate your garden!

Wind chimes, garden gnomes and statues are the most popular, but you can also have a water fountain.

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