Rock Garden Ideas

How to Make a Rock Garden

Rock Garden

Many people make rock gardens if they already have a lot of rocks on their land in which case they don’t have to source them from elsewhere.

If you have an abundance of stone and you need to think of something to do with it, creating a rock garden is an ideal way of tidying up a rocky landscape.

It’s great fun carefully choosing and arranging the rocks to make it look artistic and stylish. Try to maintain a naturalistic look when you arrange the stones in your landscaping project.

To begin, make a raised bed with rocks and soil using large rocks for the bottom, and smaller ones for the top.

Get creative and arrange the stones as you like them or think they look best. Try to remember you will need to maintain the rock garden aswell so don’t make it too difficult to plant and weed between the rocks.

It’s hard work and fun but basically that’s it: now you only have to choose, arrange and plant your chosen rock plants.

Since they are usually sold as grown plants, there is not much hard work for you to do and all the hard work has already been done in moving and arranging the rocks.

Rock Garden Ideas

Rock Garden with Water Feature

Rocky areas in the yard don’t have to be ignored: turn these shady and rocky places into beautiful rock gardens! You can make a truly wonderful masterpiece in your garden if you know a little about the plants and you have a good eye for arranging rocks. If you haven’t got any rocks or stones of your own, or are looking for something different to introduce to your garden, you will likely have to buy some in for the purpose.

When designing a rock garden, selection is relevant. You don’t necessarily have to choose the most rare and stylish plants, after all the most common ones are popular for a reason: they are beautiful and easy to grow.

A rock garden can be a real work of art. Each of the plants that you choose should be chosen for a reason, each of them should have their own role in the group.

Even though these plants are small, they have other qualities that make them stand out and catch the eye.

Rock Garden Plants

Rock Garden Plants

Rock garden plants are more resistant, hardier, and don’t need as much water and sun as other types of plants and flowers.

Because of this great quality, they can survive in shady areas as well.

There are many types of rock plants to choose from, but here are some points to consider.

Plants from the group of the Rock Cresses (Aubrietia) are great plants, they like all soil types, and they have beautiful purple flowers.

If you plant these you will see that it almost looks like a purple blanket in bloom. You can plant them near to white Arabis and have a great colour effect.

For an even more brilliant contrast, add golden coloured Alyssum near these groups. Other plants that fit very well together are the Alpine Wallflowers and the Iberis Sempervirens. The first one has a deep golden colour, while the latter has a soft white one. This combination will look very good no matter how you arrange the plants.

Perennial ornamental grasses, a lot of which are evergreen, are also a good choice.

What Makes a Good Rock Garden Plant?

Rock Garden Plants

Rock garden ideas are all about colours. Choose the colours and the species well.

Since this is the most important step it is better to choose a few varieties of the same family of rock plants than it is to choose too many different species.

You can group these representatives close to each other, this way creating the desired picaresque effect. Before you decide the colour combination that you want to use for your rock garden, remember that colour harmony is not always the best way to go.

Strong contrasts can be more noticeable and more interesting. Be innovative with your rock garden ideas! By choosing two contrasting colours you can make your garden look like a work of art.

The color of the rocks should also be considered when you choose the colour of the flowers.

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