Ground Cover

Groundcover Evergreen, Flowering and Low Maintenance

Ground cover performs several functions in your garden. It’s great for weed control, blocking out the weeds before they can take hold.

Provide insulation both in Summer and Winter, as well as keeping moisture in around the root system.

One of the most appreciated functions is of course the beauty of an area covered with a nice looking carpet of green textures, sometimes with flowers of varying colors.

Keep in mind that you can use these plants in smaller areas, as well as in rock gardens.

Listed here are a few shade tolerant plants to cover the bare ground in your garden! You can enter any of these plant names into the search boxes further down the page.


Bigleaf Periwinkle – Full Shade to Partial Sun


Chameleon Plant – Full Shade


Japanese Spurge – Full Shade to Partial Sun

Lambs Ears – Partial Sun

Lily of The Valley

Liriope – Full Shade or Full Sun

Periwinkle – Full Shade or Partial Sun

Virginia Creeper – Full Shade or Full Sun

Ground Cover Plants for Sale

List currently being updated…

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