A List of Shrubs

Choose from a list of shrubs for diversity in landscaping projects. It’s not true that it’s essential for a flowering shrub to be in a sunny location. There are also shrubs that do well in shade.

When space in your garden is limited by shade, there are shrubs to choose from that thrive in partial or full shade.

Shrubs are beautiful and diverse, can be used as border plants, for privacy hedges, or as a central focal point in the middle of a flower bed.

This is a list of shrubs that are popular for planting in shade and semi shade in different parts of the world:

  • Hydrangea
  • Juniper
  • Lace Shrub
  • Potentilla
  • Spiraea
  • Viburnum
  • Willow
  • Yew

Hydrangea Shrubs

Hydrangea deserves to be put at the first place when creating a list of shrubs.

Hydrangea is a number one choice for shade gardening: Hydrangeas are beautiful and elegant with delicate flowers yet at the same time they are easy to take care of and do not require any particular procedures to get them to flourish.

What is the most important aspect of these plants is that they tolerate areas with different density of shade.

These shrubs have spectacular blooms that will bring splashes of white, blue and pink to the shady parts of your garden. They work perfectly well as specimen plantings and also as bordering plants or in woodland gardens.

Viburnum Shrubs

Viburnum shrubs come in lots of different varieties and all of them are shade tolerant.

They will provide attractive and fragrant flowers to fill the air with a sweet scent that is an incredibly pleasant aroma, especially in the evening when you want to sit and relax in your garden after a hard working day.The color spectrum of Viburnum shrub blooms range from white to creamy white to pale lavender.

Yew Shrub

Yew shrubs look exceedingly fresh and cheerful with their dark dense greenery and will make an excellent background for any plants with pale flowers or light colored leaves.

In addition to being attractive this hardy plant is relatively easy to grow which makes it one of the most widespread of evergreen shrubs.

Yew shrubs can be used as contrast plants or low hedges and are appreciated for their versatility: you can correct the spread and height of Yew.

Gardenia Shrubs

A list of shrubs for shade would not be full without Gardenia shrubs: if you live in a warmer climate zone it is highly recommended to include this fragrant plant into your flower beds plantings.

Gardenia shrubs are extremely beautiful with a pleasant aroma and delicate white flowers.

These shrubs will thrive in places with light shade and have a requirement for moist soil.
Gardenias are valued not only for their flowers and pleasant fragrance, but also for the evergreen foliage that provides an interest all year round.

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