Astilbe Bulbs

Fall Bulbs Astilbe also known as false spires, are magnificent flowers for shade gardening. With their clusters of red, pink, rose, lilac, cream and white plum shaped flowers.

The leaves are fern- like and dark green. Some have bronze color leaves. The foliage mounds to 2 feet and the flower will rise above that for another 12 to 18 inches. They will spread 2 to 3 feet wide.

These flowers for shade are heavy feeders. You will need to supplement with a fertilizer for acid loving plants in the spring.

Moist, humus rich soil, on the acidic side will ensure a beautiful crop of long lasting colorful flowers, from spring to summer. Then the blooms will fade to a beautiful rust well into the fall.


Propagate by division in early spring or fall. They are easy to propagate.

After one season dig them up and divide into sections with at least one eye per section and replant. You’ll have plenty in no time at all.

Because they deplete the soil of nutrients, it’s important to boost the soil with compost, peat moss, shredded leaves and a balanced fertilizer.

Keep them moist and don’t let them get too wet in winter.

Some tips

Plant different species with different bloom times to have color throughout the season.

  • Plant early bloomers such as Amethyst with purple flowers, Bridal Veil with creamy white and Fanal with deep red flowers.
  • Plant mid-season bloomers, Cattlea has lilac to pink and Bressingham Beauty is pink.
  • Then for late season, Chinensis with rose to pink flowers, Glut is red flowering.

Fall bulbs Astilbe are fun shade tolerant plants that just keep on giving.

Astilbe Bulbs

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