Jacob’s Ladder Plants

Jacobs Ladder Plant Blue Flower in Shade Garden

Jacob’s Ladder perennial plants (scientific name – Polemonium) are popular among gardeners because of their beautiful flowers.

The plant got its name thanks to the special leaves arrangement which remind you of a ladder.

The interesting foliage is not the main attraction of the Jacobs Ladder plant – it is highly valued for its exceedingly beautiful white and shades of blue flowers.

Planting Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder thrives in a partial shade: it is not tolerant of direct sunlight.

Jacobs’s ladder grows up to between eighteen and thirty five inches in height.

It is a hardy plant which does not require too much care, of course this can depend on if the conditions of its natural environment are more or less replicated in your garden.


The soil should be moderately fertile, with a sufficient supply of organic matter. Jacobs Ladder perennial plants will thrive in a well-drained soil: standing water will result in root rot.


White Jacob's Ladder Flowers Perennial Shade Plant

Jacobs Ladder is propagated by division.

The best time for propagation is the beginning of spring.

If you choose propagation from seed, you should remember that new plants will need much more care as they rarely come true from seed.

The white flowers are beautiful in shade, plant towards the back as they are quite tall.

Jacob’s Ladder Varieties

Jacob's Ladder Perennial Shade Plant with Blue Flowers
Jacobs Ladder Plant with White Flowers in Shade

Polemonium reptans is a short species which can reach up to twelve inches in height. It has a tendency to aggressive spreading, so if you want nice ground cover in your garden this would be a perfect choice. It produces elegant mid-blue flowers to decorate your garden.

Brise d’Anjou’ is a special variety of Jacobs Ladder: its fern-like leaves have yellow edges, so the whole plant looks spectacular the entire season, even when it’s not in bloom. When the weather is too hot, the plants tend to die, so make sure to plant it in a shady place. ‘Brise d’Anjou’ has mid blue flowers which look especially nice in combination with its original foliage.

If you live in hot climate zone, it is better to opt for a ’Snow and Sapphire’ – it is known as a weather tolerant variant of ‘Brise d’Anjou’. This variety is not as afraid of direct sunlight.

Polemonium caeruleum is a tall variety of Jacobs Ladder which is valued for its dark blue flowers. It is also known as Polemonium himalayanum, and if you look through the seed catalogs, you may find this variant of its name.

Jacob's Ladder Foliage - shade plant

Among the other popular varieties there are ‘Blue Pearl’, ‘White Pearl’, ‘Pink Beauty’, ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Lambrook Mauve’ and many more.

The Jacobs Ladder perennial is known to be a favourite of cats, and if it’s cut or bruised, the fragrance will attract cats.

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