Tulip Flowers

Tulip Bulbs Planting and Growing

Tulip time – it must be spring! (Or it must be fall when you are planting the bulbs!). Here are our top tips for tulip care!

Yellow Tulip

Yellow Tulip flower in a shade garden with purple background

There are three varieties of tulips that flower at different times, so you can prolong your blooming season longer by planting tulips of all three types: Early, mid and late spring.

So read the text carefully when ordering from your catalogue to be sure you know what you are getting. You’ll want the largest size bulbs available to ensure a bigger bloom.

Ideally, you should plant these bulbs in slightly moist soil in November so roots can develop over the winter.

Best Time to Plant Tulip Bulbs

You may, however, want to take advantage of bulb sales at the end of the planting season and plant the bulbs as late as early January, as long as you are aware that the first blooming season may not be as brilliant as future seasons.

Red and Pink Tulip

Red Tulip flower shading to pale pink petals in shade gardening

Growing Tulip Flowers

It’s recommended to give Tulip bulbs full sun. However, when there are no leaves on the trees before summer, there will be enough sunlight getting through the branches of the trees to enable the Tulips to come up. Once the leaves on the trees are out in full it may be too shaded.

Once the flower is considered spent it is acceptable to deadhead it. Do not remove the leaves though as they will gather energy from the sun and put it into storage within the bulb in preparation for the next seasons growth.

Pink Tulip Flower

Pink Tulip flower petals in a dappled shade garden

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