Yellow Perennial Flowers

Tall Yellow Perennial Flowers to Brighten Your Garden

Perennial plants come in an endless myriad of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. You can’t fail to find something to brighten up your garden from the wide selection to choose from.

The bright and attractive colours of perennial flowers, including yellow ones, will create colourful patches in your flower beds, rock gardens, in edges and borders, and also in your garden containers, pots and baskets.

Most people think about sunflowers when they hear about yellow perennials. And no wonder – the flowers with yellow blossom colour provide a strong association with sunshine and warmth.

Some need a great deal of light in order to flourish, but not all of them.

If you have some sunny spots in your garden, they will make a great location for the following yellow perennial flowers: Goldentuft, Coreopsis, Blanket Flower, and Sneezeweed.


Foxglove and Ligularia will thrive in partial shade. Ligularia is one of those low maintenance perennials that grows perfectly well in moist soils.

Its spikes of yellow flowers, which remind you of daisies, will bring the effect of sunbeams to your garden.

Ligularia – Brit Marie

Lady’s Mantle

This plant will tolerate locations that receive either full sun or partial shade.

It has interesting round leaves with toothed type of edges – with leaves like this it is easier for the plant to catch the dew drops and take some moisture from the early morning dew.

This rather tall yellow perennial can reach up to two feet in height. Its flowers are tiny and a kind of greenish yellow in colour. Ladys Mantle

Black-eyed Susan

These are yellow perennial flowers with yellow heads of flowers in clumps. Its flowers are daisy-like as well, and they can grow up to three inches in diameter.

The flowers have a brown central portion to contrast with bright yellow petals. They will bring bright splashes of colour to your garden for a long period: usually Black-eyed Susans will bloom until the first frosts arrive. It can also be considered quite a tall yellow perennial as it reaches a height of two to three feet.

This perennial is a perfect choice for planting as a border plant or as a part of a wider composition of colour in a flower bed. These plants will grow and thrive in partial shade, but full sun is not a bad condition for them.

They also make perfect cut flowers – a vase with Black-eyed Susans in it will make a colourful and long-lasting decoration in your home. Black-eyed Susan – Goldsturm

Sunray Coreopsis

Sunray Coreopsis is another wonderful choice when it comes to planting yellow perennial flowers. Some varieties of this perennial have a semi double yellow bloom, the others will have a full double bloom.

They also can be considered quite tall as they can reach up to three feet in height. These plants start blooming towards the end of spring and keep showing their bright flowers throughout the summer months, especially so if you keep performing the maintenance procedure of deadheading the spent blooms.

Sunray Coreopsis blooms need partial shading and well-drained, moist and rich soil. Likewise Black-eyed Susans, these plants are perfect as cut flowers; they will last for a long time, bringing a piece of sunny cheerfulness to the rooms of your home.

Yellow is a special colour in the spectrum of colours – it denotes joy and happiness, so do not miss the chance to brighten up your garden. Coreopsis – Crème Brulee

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