Perennial Pine

Growing Pine Plants in the Garden

The perennial pine is a beautiful plant. It is impossible not to admire its graceful branches and distinctive aroma.

These pines can give you a lot of pleasure by decorating your garden with various shades of greenery all the year round.

There are lots of varieties of pines, and they grow in soil of almost any type, but they do prefer well drained but moist soil.

Location for Planting

If you decided to plant pines in your garden, it is recommended to choose a place with a lot of light and air.

Remember that a pine is going to be a big plant that is it is crucially important to check underground to make sure there are no pipes or water lines that could get effected by its roots. Also it is not advisable to plant these under telephone lines or overhead power cables.

How to Plant

Dig planting holes for the seedlings while making sure these holes are large enough to contain the entire root system of the seedling. It would be even better to make them a few inches deeper than the roots can reach. The soil should be loose and moist to achieve perfect conditions for a perennial pine plant.

Then pour some water inside the hole and add some vinegar, around half of a glass. Perhaps you will find this unusual, but the truth is that pines prefer acidity. If your soil is poor in acid substances, such as clay based soil, it would be very beneficial for growth of the plant to add something as acidic as vinegar.

Put the seedlings into the holes and fill them back with soil, watering the plant as the job gets done. The soil should be properly tamped: not too hard, but rather firm.

Water and Fertilizing

The plant should be watered plentifully on a regular basis, especially during the first year of growth, and you can expect a well-established pine in autumn. After that they will require very minimal maintenance and will increase their growth rate.


As your pine gets bigger, you can encourage even faster growth if you prune the low branches. It will not only make the plant grow faster, but will also allow the light and air under the plant. If you let in some light and air under the pine plant you could plant a beautiful carpet of ground cover plants underneath it.

Having one of these plants in your garden will bring a desired diversity to the landscape and make the whole arrangement of plants more sophisticated and spectacular. It will also fill the garden with a pleasant fresh fragrance which feels fantastic when mixed with aroma of the flowers.

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