Wax Begonia

Wax Begonia is a plant you would appreciate a lot in a shade garden.

All through the season this plant keeps on blooming, displaying its white, red and pink beautiful flowers. Sometimes you can even find some species with all three colours combined.

These plants should be grown in the shade but they can also tolerate indirect sunlight. In fact they will benefit from being exposed to the mild morning sun for a while.

The hot afternoon sun should be avoided though; it’s out of the question. Having said afternoon sun should be avoided, in regions with cooler summers, some heat-resistant hybrids of Wax Begonia are quite tolerant to the sun, even if it is a full afternoon sun.

Wax Begonias are perennial plants that are often grown as annuals. They can reach approximately fifteen inches in height.

These plants are not difficult to grow; in fact they do not require too much care and maintenance at all.

For a container gardening interest, they look gorgeous in flower boxes, baskets and containers, and they will work really well in rock gardens.

You will be able to enjoy their charming simplicity and elegance from the last frost in spring till the first frost in late autumn or even in the beginning of winter.


Begonias can be effortlessly propagated by taking cuttings. It is better to take softwood cuttings from the plants indoors, if you brought them inside your house for blooming in winter. Root these cuttings to get transplants for spring.

Wax Begonia Planting

Wax Begonia greenhouse platte

Select a place where this plant will be protected from the hottest sun in the middle of the day. At the same time the plants will benefit and perform better if exposed to some morning or evening direct sunlight.

Some species can also grow in full sun, provided the soil is kept moist all the time.

Cover the ground with two inches of organic matter and mix it carefully with the soil.
Plant them into planting holes that are big enough to place the plant in without breaking or damaging its roots.

After filling the holes with soil do not forget to water the plant slightly, in order to be able to make the soil around the roots settled and more compact.

Growing From Seed

If you choose to grow from seed, they should be propagated indoors around five weeks before the last frost in spring.

You can always find wax begonia seed suppliers to source these tender powder-like seeds.

Put the seeds onto good quality moist compost, but remember not to cover them as they need light for the process of germination. For better effect it is recommended to cover the seeds with glass – it will increase the humidity and aid germination.

Germination process will take around two or three weeks.

How to Take Care of Begonia

These are plants that benefit in growth if you put a layer of shredded leaves around them (around two inches thick). It will help to preserve water and moisture for longer periods of time.

Be careful not to tolerate any standing water in your garden though, as it can cause all sorts of diseases and even induce rotting of the roots.

If you keep your Wax Begonias indoors during the winter, put them onto the windowsill of a south-facing window. It will increase the chances of an excellent blooming.


What is a Wax Begonia? It is another stellar performer in the shade garden. It keeps on giving and giving throughout the entire season, white, pink and red flowers.

The plants can take some sun as well, preferably in the morning and later evening. You should always avoid the burning midday sun.

A rich humus soil kept moist will provide you with an abundance of shade tolerant flowers.

Propagate from seed or take cuttings. It’s an inexpensive flower to buy and you certainly get your money’s worth.

They work really well in containers, flower boxes and rock gardens. Always keep in mind that they do best in good composted soil and keep them moist.

Enjoy these flowers for shade gardening from after the last frost to the first frost.

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